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Olive’s story

Olive first visited the Centre when she was 12 months old. Now aged 4 she has had 5 assessments exploring different equipment.

Olive has evolving quadriplegia, infantile spasms and limited movement in all four limbs.  Olive has tested a range of specialist buggies and found one to give her proper support and safety.  She has had a successful car seat assessment too, finding one that has special supports and comfort.  Olive has also attended WMC for switches assessments – this enables her to develop cause-and-effect skills – and having found the right type, she has borrowed a number of switch-adapted toys from the Centre’s toy library.

Olive’s family said: “Thanks to Sophie and Maxine at WMC, Olive can independently play with her switch adapted iPad, travel safely in her supportive car seat and is learning to use her own motorised wheelchair.”

Olive story
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