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SMS 07858 224 510

NHS, GP or Council referral for children’s walkers clinic

This is to refer for children’s walkers only. If you would like to refer for other assessments, please use our website forms through this address: 


Walker clinic dates

  • Friday, 26th July 2024
  • Friday, 4th October 2024


How do these assessments work?

  • All assessments take place at William Merritt Centre Leeds (Rodley, Leeds. LS13 1HP).
  • William Merritt Centre organise a date for reps to attend the Centre and send anonymized details to them so they bring appropriate equipment.
  • Walker’s clinic dates are set a year in advance so please be aware when booking that this date is fixed, you will be sent a time table of your children’s appointment/s two weeks in advance.
  • William Merritt Centre does not contact your child, when the time table is released, please contact your families their time for assessment.
  • There are no Occupational Therapists available for these assessments so you will need to stay for your child’s appointment.
  • Reps will contact you directly with quotes of your preferred walkers.

If you need help, please call William Merritt Disabled Living Centre on 0113 350 8989, email or SMS 07858 224 510

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